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About Dynaweather.com: DynaWeather.com is a source for updated weather forecasts, as well as javascript weather and weather images for your website. Since 1998, DynaWeather has provided a local forecast to hundreds of thousands millions of people through weather images, javascript and daily forecast emails. Dynaweather.com has been based in McSherrystown, PA (2001-2009), Pompano Beach, FL (2000-2001), Meadville, PA (1999-2000 and 2009-2019) and Union City, PA (1998-1999 and 2019-2020)

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    National Weather Service - (IWIN) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
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    PRIVACY STATEMENT: Rabid Nerd Productions of 15 N. Main St., Union City, PA, USA, makes the following statement for the Web pages at the domain http://dynaweather.com/ and subdomains operated by Rabid Nerd Productions.

    We maintain server logs that include information, in aggregate, about visits to the domains listed above, and the types of browsers our visitors use. We use this information in order to maintain and improve our web site. We retain this information indefinitely.

       We use cookies and optionally collect zipcode and/or gender as well as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as: your name, email address and home address to customize our website for content delivery and/or for our own research and product development. We may collect and retain aggregated zipcode and gender information for demographic statistics indefinitely.

       We may use publically available IP-to-location approximation databases to attempt to present your local forecast if you arrive at the home page without requesting specific content. The accuracy of this varies wildly from ISP to ISP and isn't done to track someone but to provide potential convenience.
    If you provide PII such as your name, email address and home address, it will only used to deliver services to you, including but not limited to: email list subscriptions including weather forecasts which may contain third-party advertising. Your PII may be removed or added to our company-wide exclusion list (or both) by following the directions in a list email or emailing support@rabidnerd.com or writing: Rabid Nerd Productions, DynaWeather.com, 15 N. Main Street, Union City, PA 16438.

       We use third-party advertisers including: Google. Advertisements are clearly deliniated within the website.


       Give Me The Software! The software DynaWeather.com operates on is not CURRENTLY distributed by, for sale or trade by Rabid Nerd Productions. Portions of the software are based on a package originally developed in the 1990s that was available for free download from HAMWeather.com. At first we heavily modified it in order to update the code, and worked on the HAMWeather platform for over a decade. Since then, we rebuilt most of the software from scratch as it became unsupported to use the new NWS APIs that HAMWeather never supported. If you can stand a week turnaround, fire us a question.

       We Need Weather Content, But We Can't Afford X/Y/Z DynaWeather.com has been providing schools, governments, businesses, even corporate radio stations (yeah big Clear Channel ones at times!) with everything from simple WeatherTags to place into their websites to fully co-branded websites. FOR FREE. How? Just by allowing us to insert our Google Adsense or AdBrite Text ad code in agreed upon locations. All we look for is to cover operational costs. SOMETHING WE HAVEN'T DONE SINCE 2004! AGAIN, if you are looking for something for FREE, you're going to have to be patient!
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